Recharging Your Batteries

Laura Tiebert
October 21, 2021

“Mpls is home — it’s a healthy, quiet lifestyle. The fast bachelorlife can get 2 u sometimes. We all need 2 recharge r batteries every now and again.”

How is it possible that this quote comes from one of the most driven workaholics (and one of the most notorious bachelors) in music? But this is .

Last week, I dusted off my suitcase and flew across the country to spend five days in Minnesota. Twice postponed, it was an emotional trip for this rusty traveler. Our family was among those who moved in the pandemic — there are so many of us, it seems, that perhaps we need to coin a phrase like The Great Pandemic Migration of 2020. When we left Minnesota at the end of March 2020 to move across the country to Phoenix, it felt equal parts abrupt and anticlimactic. With the pandemic raging, we loaded up the kids and the dog and drove away. No fanfare, no good-bye parties, no dinners with friends, no nothing.

When I returned to Purple Mecca (aka Chanhassen, Minnesota), it felt like I plugged back into a power source. I hadn’t realized how depleted I’d been. The past 19 months have been by turns stressful and tedious, scary and sad. But strangely, when I landed in Minnesota, it was as if I’d never left (except that, like Goldilocks, I found that someone was living in “our” house, lol). I spent time meandering around and soaking in the peaceful vibes. I visited my favorite haunts in downtown Excelsior (on the shores of lovely Lake Minnetonka) and did a writing session at the NPG Music Club inside Paisley Park, Prince’s sprawling recording and studio complex. I even was lucky enough to do a tour of Paisley Park to see THE SHOES. Wow! That new shoe exhibit (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) is beautifully curated! As someone with small feet, I stared at those four-inch heels in awe (and foot pain). Still, the luxurious fabrics and vibrant colors were breathtaking. 

Of course, I know now that traveling is special, since many of us haven’t been able to travel for such a long time. I fully enjoyed each moment and realize that I want to find ways to recharge here, in our newly adopted state of Arizona.

Is there a place you travel to that recharges your batteries? Drop me a comment below!


  1. Tami Foster

    I love this!! Recharging your batteries is such an important thing to do!
    My favorite place to do that is the north shore here in Minnesota. The power of the huge Lake Superior (in sure it was named that for a reason), the breathtaking views, waterfalls, etc. To just be immersed in nature, it’s so refreshing. I often say the north shore is magical. It is to me anyway. Every time I leave it I’m sad, because it’s never enough.

    • Laura Tiebert

      The North Shore is special for sure. There might be something to traveling somewhere to recharge your batteries. It’s as if your senses are heightened and you feel and appreciate things you might not in your day-to-day life.

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