What to Expect from the Online Course

Laura Tiebert
July 5, 2021


Above: Here’s one of the secret webpages that students receive each Sunday. There’s a video lecture from me at the top (it might look like I’m yelling but I’m not, I promise!), and as you scroll down the page, each icon comes alive so you can click on it (clouds, sunglasses, piano). Once clicked, the icon transports you to a suggested listening, viewing or reading to explore at your leisure. Weekly journal prompts complete the week’s offerings. The backdrop for the webpage is artwork by Troy Gua, from his “Portals” series.

In 2019, I embarked on a journey that left me truly transformed. It created an awareness of the absence of so many beautiful experiences and emotions that exist (and which I was missing) that became available when I stepped into the practices of a true legend.
This June, I began to guide students through that same journey. The “What Would Prince Do?” 12-week online course is everything you need to spice things up, and grow forward with others who are craving greater confidence, increased spontaneity & heck – living your very own legendary life!

In the spirit of Prince, “What Would Prince Do?” is a mosaic of ideas, images and sounds. Just as a Prince show was a full-on sensory experience, you’ll be fully immersed in color, sounds and emotions. There’s no quiz at the end or material to master for a test. Instead, you’ll be guided along a path of discovery in a “choose your own adventure” experience that encourages spontaneity in the moment, What piques your interest? Click on it and explore. Nothing could be funkier than that! 

Learning how to take a step out of your comfort zone is a skill that will transform your life. No matter how old you are, how long you’ve been doing the same things, or how scared you are to try new things. None of that matters, because your brain never loses its ability to learn until you stop breathing. If you want to change something, you can, with enough time, patience and practice.

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