Things I’m Loving Lately (Purple Edition)

Laura Tiebert
June 7, 2021

Let’s kick off the summer season with some favorite Prince-related finds. There’s been so much good stuff coming out lately, both from the Prince Estate and others who create products and content around Prince. Here’s a list of three things I’m loving lately!


Michael Dean’s Podcast on Prince

Hands down, Podcast on Prince host Michael Dean is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. He has a way of playing it cool while persistently asking just the right questions to get incredibly detailed (and juicy) stories out of his subjects. Dean’s been at the Prince podcast game for 12 years, so if you’re new to his podcast (and are a fan of The Revolution), you might start by checking out Dean’s 2020 interview with The Revolution’s bassist BrownMark. While lengthy, it’s incredibly insightful and heartbreakingly honest (and to go even further in-depth, follow it up with another thing I loved and recommend, BrownMark’s book, “My Life in the Purple Kingdom.”)

Prince’s co-star from “Graffiti Bridge,” Ingrid Chavez is a beautiful poet and musician who brings the heavens down to earth whenever she sings. She’s the co-writer, along with Lenny Kravitz, of the 1990’s Madonna smash hit, “Justify My Love.” Check out Chavez’s own version of her hit song here. Recently, she launched an online store, Snow + Ink, “for mindful home and heart,” where you can purchase handmade jewelry, light catchers and cleansing kits (one of her most popular has been the “Purple Rain Energy Cleansing” kit). I bought the purple light catcher, and highly recommend it! It radiates the most stunning purple rays of light around the room.


“Welcome 2 America” by Prince

One of my plaintive (and admittedly selfish) wails back in 2016 when Prince passed far too young was, “Who’s going to make music for us now? Who’s going to capture our times, express our emotions, challenge our notions?”
The answer, in 2021: Prince (time traveling from 2010) will

Check out the first single, “Welcome 2 America.” I can’t wait for the full album on July 30!

Sending you all ☮️ and ?,



  1. Tina Sobel Foster

    This is soooo so sweet Laura. I have been so incredibly moved seeing all of the social media tributes to our Prince today. He continues yes indeed…even from
    the great purple heavens to inspire and gift us with music! Hard to believe isn’t it!! Wishing you a Happy Prince Day and thank u for all you do to honor this man I have adored since I was 17. How blessed am I to have witnessed the entirety of his extraordinary career. My love for him will never leave me. ??

    • Laura Tiebert

      Thank you, Tina! Your kind words mean the world and I agree it was a spectacular Prince Day with so many heartfelt tributes. Sending you purple love and good vibes! ?

  2. Cat

    I saw this once written about PRN… 1000%

    “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible.” ~ Jerry Lewis

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