Deciding How to Type and Say My New Identity

Laura Tiebert
April 2, 2019

Wearing my new identity on my name tag in art class today.

Today finds me in the first day of a new session of art class, where I’m introducing myself to my classmates as the love-heart-symbol-thingy. It was quite the experience to make a nametag with my new identity. People seemed to get a kick out of it. I have very understanding classmates!

I know that many thought yesterday’s announcement was an April Fool’s joke, but the joke is on me, because I’ve decided that for the month of April, I will continue to be known as the symbol. So, April’s theme for Living Like a Prince is: Becoming the Author Formerly Known as Laura.

Now, I am immediately confronted with a conundrum: How can I type my new identity? How can I say it?

Here’s what I’m thinking: ☀️?. On a Mac keyboard, you hit “control,” “command” and “space bar,” and then you’ll get a pop up with a bunch of symbols and emojis. I chose one of the suns and the orange heart.

As for pronunciation, I’m stumped. The swishing sound of a heartbeat perhaps?


  1. Erica Louise

    Beware…the press may call you a blazing heart syllable.

    • lauratiebert

      Ha! I can see how adopting this new identity could easily have all sorts of unintended consequences, including being labeled as blazing heart …

      • Erica Louise

        Oh, well…some claim the press is full of blazing hearts. So if you’re a blazing heart, then they’re in good company.

        Come to think of it, you yourself are a member of the press. So it comes full circle. And with that, we’re back to the circle/sun/heart symbol.

  2. Susan Ashley

    Laura, you are so awesome!!! I love it. You are definitely making Prince proud as you follow in his sparkly footsteps. There is a great heartbeat in his song “the human body”. Also… Be sure to check out Amanda Ellis’ Prince channel on YouTube. It is so enlightening! Carry on…I can’t wait for the book ??? Susan Ashley

    • lauratiebert

      Thank you Susan! Prince may have had small feet making those sparkly footsteps but they are big shoes to fill!

  3. Iris

    My symbol ??

    • lauratiebert

      The tension between the rainbow and spider is so cool! What does it mean to you?

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