Announcing March’s Theme

Laura Tiebert
March 1, 2019

February had me Dressing the Part each day — no jeans, no loungewear before 6 p.m., and wearing a mirror heart on my wrist, the symbol I chose for myself. IT WAS A WORKOUT! Today is March 1 and you can bet I will be back in jeans. I didn’t realize how much I wore denim until I had to go without it for a month (and it happened to be an awfully cold month full of snow — still, she persisted!).

March can be a trying month in Minnesota. It’s too early for trees to bud, but the snow tends to be on its way out (we can only hope). As the snow melts, it turns dirty and slushy, and the skies can be gray an awful lot of the time. Living Like a Prince should find me decamping to Los Angeles for a month, which is exactly what Prince would have done. Alas! My reality includes kids in school and a budget, so I’ve got to get creative.

To combat the winter blah’s, I have chosen “Communicating with Color” as March’s theme. This month will find me exploring all the colors in the spectrum and how Prince used them to communicate. Did Prince “hear” colors? What emotions did he evoke through his use of color? And what did he mean by using those kaleidoscope backdrops to his last “Piano and a Microphone” tour?

Stay tuned for what promises to be the most colorful month yet!


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