Unveiling February’s Challenge

Laura Tiebert
February 1, 2019

Although I feel like I’m just getting rolling with fasting, unbelievably, it’s almost time to shift gears. For those of you brave souls following along, you’re going to need some time to plan for this challenge, so here’s a peek at what’s in store for February.

February’s theme is “Dress the Part.” Prince dressed the part of Prince, and showed up every day looking on point. My gut says this was about more than style and that dressing the part played a role in his success. In February, I am committing to dressing up every day. By “dressing up,” I mean putting on an outfit of actual clothing, and that means that if I wear pants, they need to have a zipper and button — no elastic stretchy pants allowed.

It’s easier to say what I won’t do, so here it is:

I won’t wear loungewear until after 6 p.m., even if I am spending the day at home

I won’t wear jeans

I will not leave the house without doing my hair and makeup

But wait: There’s a catch. And that’s the second part to February’s challenge and the part you will need to plan. You must find or create something to wear that symbolizes YOU — just as Prince’s love symbol symbolized him. And you must wear it every day. So, for example, if 2019 is the year you see yourself as coming into your own, maybe you’ll choose a butterfly as your symbol. Or, if people love to come to you for advice, then perhaps the wisdom of the owl represents you. I’ve been mulling mine over, and think I’ve finally landed on the right thing. More on that next week.


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