Even Multi-Talented Prince Didn’t Do It Alone

Prince performs at his birthday party at First Avenue on June 7, 1984 in Minneapolis.
(Photo by Paul Natkin/Wire Image)

Prince was renowned for being a one-man-band who wrote, produced, played and performed at an exceptionally high level. But the truth is, he didn’t do it alone.

When recording, he had a studio engineer. When performing, he had a band. He had managers, publicists, web designers, costume designers, drivers, chefs and who knows who all else, at various times in his career.

Most importantly, he had an audience. At the January 21, 2016 Paisley Park gala event for “A Piano & A Microphone” — Prince’s first-ever solo performance — Prince mentioned that he had a habit of playing piano late at night.

“This is what I usually do

around this time of night.

aah … It’s better with you all present

Thank you.”

Yes. It’s always better with others present. Just as writers write to be read, musicians play to be heard.

November’s theme of “Form a Band” is coming to a close and in that spirit, I’m so grateful for the people whose enthusiasm and kindness have made “Crazy Amazing: The Year of Living Like Prince” more than a wacky project by a lone writer. Because of you, we are now a band of strong, smart, funny and caring people. I’m grateful when you cut me a break when I make my many mistakes. I feel gratitude for every single one of you for being patient, funny, loving and wittier than I can ever dream of being. When stuff gets tough, it helps to know we have a band!

So, thanks to all of you. You remind me that no one — not even Prince — does it without a band.

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