What’s Your Prince Name?

At the Riley Creek tunnel near Paisley Park.

Random name generators are fabulous, but today I am introducing something far better: the Prince Name Generator. This generator exists inside my brain and I am happy to use it for anyone who wants a Prince name of their very own.

For the uninitiated, here is an example of a perfectly fine name that was elevated by Prince to new heights: Patricia Kotero. Nothing wrong with “Patricia.” But does it really rise to the level of this woman?

No, it does not. Prince suggested that this woman should be “Apollonia,” the name of a picturesque village on the Greek island of Sifnos. Thus was born Apollonia Kotero, his co-star in Purple Rain.

I think my Prince name would have to be “Aurora.” “Aurora” means “dawn,” and Prince used the phrase “Welcome 2 the Dawn” on the back of many of his albums. Plus, Prince was a cosmic individual, and “aurora” has a cosmic feel to it. And of course “Aurora” has the benefit of just rolling off your tongue, doesn’t it?

What’s your Prince name? Ask for help if you need it and I’ll chime in with some ideas!

ETA: Savvy readers suggested that I shorten my Prince name to simply “Aurora.” Aurora it is!

One thought on “What’s Your Prince Name?

  1. Sherry Toressi Martinelli Vega

    I was JUST talking to Prince in my head THIS morning asking him what he’d call me! How strange! My name is Sherry and I have a few last names: Toressi Martinelli are family names and Vega is my married name. I heard him in my head saying, “Well we’re gonna drop the Vega cuz that man was no good anyway.” I think he may have kept Sherry but what say you Laura???? I’m excited.

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