Author Laura Tiebert Changes Her Name to an Unpronounceable Symbol

The family of The Author Formerly Known as Laura says they have no idea what prompted the adoption of this mysterious symbol, nor any clue how to pronounce it. Her teenage son says he’s retreating to his bedroom until the month of April passes, adding, “This is so awkward.”

Chanhassen, MN (April 1, 2019) — She may still be an author and suburban mom, but her name is no longer Laura Tiebert.

The co-author of the 2017 biography, The Rise of Prince: 1958-1988 and of the forthcoming book, Crazy Amazing: The Year of Living Like a Prince, announced she is changing her name to an unpronounceable symbol for the month of April, her fourth month of Living Like a Prince.

From now on, the former Laura Tiebert wants to be referred to as the combination of a heart and the rays of the sun.

It’s unknown whether this is a legal name change or an artistic whim. Only one person knows for sure, and she’s not giving away much detail.

“We don’t know what we’re going to call her,” says her husband Andrew. “We’re working on it. We’re hoping to get official word soon as to what sound we’re supposed to utter.” He shakes his head and adds, “We’re as surprised about this as anyone.”

While this might seem like a publicity stunt, the lack of a spoken word for the symbol doesn’t seem to be bothersome to the former Tiebert.

“I want to move to a new plateau in life, and one of the ways to do that is to divorce myself from the past,” she says, adding, “I’ll get by. I don’t need a name as such, really.”

The Author Formerly Known As Laura went on to state that despite rumors to the contrary, the name change has nothing to do with fighting a book publishing contract, since she has yet to sign with a publisher.

“As soon as I get a publisher, I’m prepared to fight them,” she hurries to add.

Only one thing is certain: For the family, friends and work associates surrounding The Author Formerly Known As Laura, April might be the cruelest month.

5 thoughts on “Author Laura Tiebert Changes Her Name to an Unpronounceable Symbol

  1. Erica Louise

    Dear TAFKAL,

    I find your radiant heart symbol very fitting. You are such a warm, caring, sensitive and energetic person. Looks like the sun will help protect the heart, and the heart will help the sun create its energetic fire.

    Erica Louise

    P.S. Gonna add humor to the descriptor list. ” ‘As soon as I get a publisher, I’m prepared to fight them,’ she hurries to add.” Good stuff. : )

    • Erica Louise

      In reality, Laura Tiebert (if not TAFKAL in particular) has gotten many publishers. You’ve had your work in many venues, and that’s no small feat considering what’s happened to journalism over the past several decades. Speaking of journalism, I love that your symbol is a heart that shines LIGHT. In its ideal form, journalism shines light on the world.

      Also lovely to see the circle in the sun’s rays. You noted in an earlier post that when thinking about potential symbols, you’d considered “a circle (wholeness)…” To me, part of the loveliness is seeing the circle surround the vulnerable heart. Perhaps allowing wholeheartedness?

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