There’s a Song for Everything

Prince’s songs are like this colorful Moroccan apothecary. Take one for what ails you and call me in the morning.

Part of living like Prince is using his songs like an apothecary. I like to imagine his songs as colorful bottles on a shelf of a magical apothecary. Feeling blue? Pick the prescribed bottle off the shelf. Play its music and you might find your spirits lifting, or as Prince called titled of his songs, “Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful.”

Prince left us more than a thousand released songs and for any possible emotional state, you’ll certainly find one that heals whatever ails you.

In keeping with the theme for my month of color, here are some common ailments and colorful Princely prescriptions:

SYMPTOM: You broke someone’s heart and “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it.

PRESCRIPTION: There’s no better way to apologize than the opening lines of “Purple Rain”

SYMPTOM: You’re suffering from low self-confidence

PRESCRIPTION: “Cream,” a reminder of who you are and how much you’re capable of

SYMPTOM: You’re on cloud nine, having met someone who wows you

PRESCRIPTION: “Raspberry Beret,” my personal favorite Prince-penned pop song

SYMPTOM: You are crushed by yet another horrific act of violence that sees innocent people being killed

PRESCRIPTION: A song called “Cinnamon Girl” about a woman who prays for no more war

SYMPTOM: You’ve had a rotten string of bad relationship luck

PRESCRIPTION: Until you find a righteous one … “Computer Blue”

SYMPTOM: This time, you’re on the receiving end of an unwanted break-up and you can’t stop playing the memories back in your mind

PRESCRIPTION: “Tangerine” has Prince using his ex’s picture as a coaster and bemoaning that she changed her phone number

SYMPTOM: You’re feeling disgusted by our celebrity culture

PRESCRIPTION: “Gold,” because Prince has been to the mountaintop and he wants you to know — there’s nothing there.

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