Prince’s Principles — What Are They?

If you were asked to list the principles that defined Prince’s life and work, what would you say?

I’ve been considering this as I look toward the third month of The Year of Living Like a Prince and wondering what might lie ahead.

Here’s what comes to mind when I consider Prince:

Health nut — Prince could be quite particular about his diet and explored being a vegan and vegetarian, along with fasting.

Hard work — The man could and would create for 20 hours a day. Enough said.

Focus — Prince set up his life to be focused on his music, including building Paisley Park, which not only protected him from the public at the height of his fame, but offered a self-contained universe for creating his music from start to finish.

Breaking paradigms — Prince was a breakthrough artist who cared nothing for rules. Nothing he did was expected, from the way he dressed, to his lyrics and musical styles.

Sustainability — Prince’s music has sustained over many years and shows little sign of abating.

There are many, many more — what would you add to this list?

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