If You’re Not Interested in Style, You Can Still Dress Well

This is a typical casual outfit for me these days. It’s amazing how the no-jeans rule (ahem, thanks, Prince) has pushed me to grab skirts and dresses from the far reaches of my closet. I’ve been wearing them like no one’s business despite the fact that temps here have been frigid. I had myself convinced that I couldn’t wear them in the bitter cold. But forced to go beyond jeans (ahem), I layered up with a pair of knee-high socks and fleece tights over them. I’m as toasty as I would be in jeans, which aren’t very insulating anyway.

Although I love fashion, I know there are many who aren’t interested in fashion, and that some feel that style is over their heads or challenging or frivolous. Others feel that to be stylish, you have to have an innate talent — and you either have “it” or you don’t. While I agree that some people do have a bent for fashion, or a good “eye,” and enjoy expressing themselves through style, I fall firmly into the camp that believes that even those who don’t have a natural bent for it can learn how to style themselves. It takes effort, but everyone can learn through trial and error about fit and what looks good on them and to discern good quality items from bad, and what colors they prefer, and what kind of style expresses their personality most.

Here’s another combination:

Another easy formula with tunic and leggings.

Most days, I keep it simple. A tunic, a casual topper, a pair of leggings and some short boots and I’m done. Prince, when he was first starting out, often wore flared pants (always with the perfect pants length so they would almost skim the ground), a collared shirt, a leather jacket and low-heeled pointy-toed boots. He didn’t try to wear a million different kinds of outfits. He developed his eye, he became discerning about fit and quality, and he found combinations that looked great on his body while expressing his personality and made him look on the outside the way he felt on the inside — like a rock star.

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