Why I Chose a Heart As My Symbol

“Hundalasiliah,” by Troy Gua

February’s theme is “Dress the Part,” and in preparing for the month, I challenged myself to find or create something to wear that symbolizes me — just as Prince’s love symbol symbolized him.

As I mulled over what would be an appropriate symbol, I considered butterflies (symbolizing coming into my own this year), a circle (wholeness), a star (#becausePrince) and an owl (hoping for wisdom!).

Because I’ve been reading Daring Greatly, I kept coming back to the idea of wholeheartedness, which was one of the phrases that author Brene Brown uses frequently. I think of wholeheartedness often while writing. Writing well requires me to be vulnerable, or put another way, to show up wholeheartedly. Anything less isn’t up to Prince’s Gold Standard. And then of course, February means Valentine’s Day. And just last week, I featured the work of artist Jimmi Toro, who had painted Prince wearing red. And was there ever an artist more oriented toward the heart and who touched so many on a heart level? All signs pointed toward the heart.

Prince accessorized with mirror hearts in the Sign O’ The Times and Lovesexy eras, and as it happened, dear friend, Michelle Streitz is the talented maker of the heart bracelet that Prince is depicted wearing in Troy Gua’s work, above. Michelle generously gave me a bracelet, and I had already purchased mirror heart earrings from her. That sealed the deal. My symbol for February is the heart.

Every day this month, I’ll be wearing my heart on my sleeve. How apropos! And each and every day, I’ll be dressing up too. I’ll make sure to post some outfits here.

What about you? Will you pick a symbol for yourself? If so, what are you considering? Have you settled on one?

One thought on “Why I Chose a Heart As My Symbol

  1. I have always resonated with hearts as a symbol and in all my work, it’s been present in one way or another.

    As a fan of Brene Brown and wholeheartedness, I applaud your willingness to literally wear your heart on your sleeve and in your writing.

    Following along on your journey happily.

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