Introducing My New Yearlong Project

I’m kicking off the new year out here in the land of 10,000 shades of purple by announcing a new project — Crazy Amazing: The Year of Living Like a Prince. Yes, I will be living like Prince for a year. Yes, I do realize that I am a suburban mom and no, I will not be replicating EVERY aspect of Prince’s life.

While researching The Rise of Prince: 1958-1988 alongside my intrepid writing partner Alex Hahn, I couldn’t help but notice patterns in Prince’s behavior in his yearslong upward trajectory to overnight success (despite what many might think, Prince did not emerge out of nowhere in 1984 from a poof! of purple smoke, fully formed, wearing a studded jacket and singing “Purple Rain.”).

The habits I noticed were sometimes quirky and sometimes practical (quirky: see the Charlie Murphy skit about basketball and pancakes … practical: see Susan Rogers’ stories about working in the studio until a song was basically complete, however long that took). Sometimes the behaviors I noted were obvious no-brainers, and other times, they provided me with “aha” moments that would have thrilled even Oprah.

Knowing about Prince in far too much detail to be considered in the range of normal, combined with feeling an on-the-ground connection with “Prince the Real Guy” here in Minnesota, led me to wonder about the nature of success.

Here’s my operating theory: By definition, anyone who becomes a global superstar is doing something different from most. If you accept that, then it follows logically to ask: What does it take to achieve not just success, but EXTRAORDINARY success?

If any one of us were to replicate Prince’s habits, could we also be more successful in our chosen fields and endeavors? It’s a question that intrigued me. That’s why, on January 1, I began to volunteer myself in the interests of science. Call me a purple guinea pig. In 2019, I am going to live like Prince or die 4 U while trying. Each month, I will attempt to undertake one thing that I believe led to his extraordinary success. I will be doing brief daily posts to keep you up to date on my progress, or lack thereof.

January’s theme is “Life in the Fasting Lane.” Particularly when recording, Prince would go for long stretches without eating. I am experimenting with fasting, in an effort to see if it will boost my energy and stoke my creative fires the way it stoked his. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry for more on how my month is going!

6 thoughts on “Introducing My New Yearlong Project

  1. I just need to tell you the fasting bit doesn’t work so please don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable position health wise or whatever. I’m slightly annoyed that you have done this before me because my ego is like that however I enjoy the blog so far and hopefully I can catch up on reading the old posts soon. Blessings to you in advance!

  2. Erica Louise Eaton

    Wow, cool! Sounds like a year of living both darkly and dawn-ly. If you’ll indulge a question about a very minor detail, may I ask if your fasting will include calorie-containing drinks?

    I picture Prince fueling himself with a ton of tea. As I understand it, he took his tea in a way that would contain not only lots of antioxidants (something I personally could use more of), but also lots of sweetener. In any case, if it helped fuel P’s music production, I’m here for it.

    • lauratiebert

      I also love tea so YES that is on the menu! But probably not with tons of sweetener! We’ll see if it fuels my blog post production as it fueled his music production!

      • Erica Louise Eaton

        As I understand it, Constant Comment was a favorite of P’s. So there’s one possibility for you, if you like enjoy that blend. : )

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