Let the Prince Property Games Begin


News from Lake Wobegon: Chanhassen’s planning commission meets on July 17 to review an initial concept from Lennar for Prince’s former property on Galpin Road.

Some 200 houses are going to be built on the 185 acres that Prince owned. An influx of that many people is going to change Chanhassen, that much is certain. According to the news story in the Chanhassen Villager, the development may enable the city to expand Lake Ann Park and complete the loop so that you can walk the entire circumference of the lake.

How do you feel about seeing Prince’s property developed? Good? Bad? Indifferent?




5 thoughts on “Let the Prince Property Games Begin

  1. Matt Conrad

    It seems inevitable, and if done right (e.g., adding some of it to the park), it’s probably a good thing. I can’t see leaving all 185 acres vacant in a growing suburb, and with the Galpin house having been demolished about a decade before his death, it seems there’s really nothing of historical value left on the land.

    • lauratiebert

      Very good points, Matt. And I’m just glad there might be some sort of legacy left behind in the form of a walking trail and additional parkland.

  2. Keely Sherwold

    Hi Laura! Thanks for doin this blog ! ( I’m on pg 334 of your book ( really liked it btw , n the thank you page was a very cool thing to do !)
    I just discovered we can comment here 👍
    My 1st thought was ,” Why isn’t that bike trail where he rode his bike around Lake Ann named after Prince and surrounding area preserved as a place of reflection?
    I really need to tell him how much his comment hit home w me , but Chris Horton ( of Funkatopia ) said on his recent broadcast that he wondered if we ( Prince Fams) are in a bubble ? I basically shouted out loud , “ YES , I wonder that too ??!! “
    BC I’m continually surprised that EVERYONE doesn’t know our man , (or at least OF him ) much less his genius , his philanthropy , his prolific song writing ,his very humanness ,his many achievements and awards , etc etc . Even people I thought were musically in the know ,don’t even have him on their radar … ARE YOU F ING KIDDING ME ?! Have they been living under a rock for the last 40 yrs ?! Im always ready to give them a short list of albums they should listen to besides Purple Rain , ugh . I wonder how much of an obsessed super fan I must seem to some of these people . I’m lucky bc my husband is too ( his name’s rt under mine in your book 😉 , which I hear is kinda rare in the Prince world. So back to the bubble thing …. Do you feel that too ? I think bc we’re always doin things w our Prince group of friends , n will actually blow off other gatherings to be w them haha , that it seems like more people should love Prince too ? I feel like I “minister “ about him so much when given a very small opening in a conversation, that I’m now feeling more in a bubble than ever. I’m a female drummer in an all guy band , and wear a Prince shirt to every rehearsal in the hopes that one of them will want to “borrow my albums” , but no one ever asks despite my missed practices to attend Celebration among other gatherings .
    I try to explain the Minneapolis Sound to them n why they should listen to his work , etc. Yep , Chris is right I fear . I believe we might be in a bubble : (
    What are your thoughts ?

    • lauratiebert

      We are absolutely in a bubble — yes! That is very insightful. I would even add that the bubble we’re in is mostly comprised of a specific demographic and that demographic is aging rapidly. So all the more important to spread the word about our guy and to make sure to do it in a way that draws people in, in a welcoming manner. I feel like we need a Prince fan recruitment manual so we can all go out and convert more people. Plenty of room under the bubble!

  3. Steve from Utah

    Why didn’t the people hired to over see princes estate donate the land and save princes heirs millions of dollars in taxes against the huge tax bill ? Then maybe Chanhassen could have a large open space or park extension so their kids could know something besides cement and electronic screens . Children climbing trees and playing in the forest and fields and seeing god through nature , seems more in line with what prince would have wanted for his amazing land? Do you think the managers of princes estate even asked the Minnesota landscape Arboretum if they were interested in it ? What it’s only a mile away? Why is the city of Chanhassen even considering letting Lennar construction build any homes on such pristine and sacred ground ? Denny Laufenburger?????? City council????? $$$$$$$$

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