Why a Shared Interest Will Make You a Better Person


It has come to my attention that not everyone loves Prince as much as I do.

This realization first surfaced about a year ago, when, at a cocktail party, I was chatting happily about my latest writing project, which of course involved the Purple One. As “Purple Me” babbled on, “normal civilian me” watched that person’s expression go from expressing polite interest to somewhat dismayed. I could practically see the thought bubble over his head, and inside, it said: “This person I am speaking with who appears normal on the surface is actually a Prince-obsessed lunatic.”

Fortunately, a waiter passed by with a tray of prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. I took the opportunity to interrupt my purple monologue by suddenly declaring myself to be starving, and abruptly shifting the conversation to hors d’oeuvres — much to the visible relief of my conversation partner.

One of the best things about life is how people take interest in the most esoteric things. There are clubs and hobbies for every interest under the sun, whether that’s collecting ceramic Hummel figurines or studying French Revolution’s role in advancing the Age of Enlightenment.

I’ve never been a fan of anything, with the possible exception of the Green Bay Packers. What I didn’t realize until 2016 came along and turned my life upside down, was how having a shared interest would make me a better person. I’m more invested in life, I’m more interested, I’m more engaged and best of all, I’ve found instant kinship with new friends.

Over to you: Have you ever had a moment like I did at the cocktail party? If so, how did you gracefully navigate the situation?


2 thoughts on “Why a Shared Interest Will Make You a Better Person

  1. Teresa Rodrigo

    I did, I couldn’t stop talking about Prince and some of his videos to my dance teacher, Maryna. She looked at me just saying mmmmhhhh. Some days after a friend of both told me, while we were talking about very different things: “oh! Maryna told me she doesn’t like Prince”. She saw you so enthusiastic that she did’nt dare to tell you, so she asked me to say it to you!
    (English not my first language so I’m sorry for mistakes)

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